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    Fu Shi Te White Carbon Co.Ltd. mainly produces white carbon black, with its purity and technical standards reaching the leading level in domestic market and progressing to the international first-class level. With atomic size of 7 to 40 nm and the specific surface area of70 ~ 400  / g, white carbon black is a white, non-toxic, tasteless and amorphous inorganic fine chemical product, White carbon black has multiple functions such as strong reinforcement  thickening, thixotropic, extinction, anti-ultraviolet and sterilization. Gas phase silica, as high-tech nano-inorganic new materials, is the extension and application of nano-technology in the field of chemical production. As an additive and catalyst carrier, it is widely used in various industries to provide a new material base and technical assurance for the development of  related industries.

    The company has a plant with an annual output of 5,000 tons of fumed silica, which, as high-tech products, has stable quality, good performance, high purity, uniform particle size, high pH value, low moisture content, and low impurities. Silicone rubber, produced with it high in transparency, good in reinforcement performance, low in yellowing rate, can replace imported products. According to the world's major silicon material manufacturers’ rankings released in 2013 by the National Silicon Industry Green Development Strategy Alliance (SAGSI), our fumed silica products ranked eighth in the world.


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