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Established in January 2013, xgcshwc Silicone Downstream Products Provincial Key Enterprise Institute, affiliated to Zhejiang xgcshwc Group Co., Ltd,  is the first batch of key enterprise institute approved by government in Quzhou City, as well as one of the provincial Technology Center. There are 103  technicians in different fields, among which 25 people have got a higher academic degree or professional title, initially forming a comprehensive high quality, innovation and strong technical innovation team.

To promote the company's silicone industry and technological progress, Research Institute has gradually improved the management system, and established a standardized organizational structure, including the integrated office, silicon materials laboratory, silica laboratory, silicone downstream product laboratories, information intelligence room, quality inspection room, information Room and other departments. So far, the company has invested more than 20 million of funds, built a research institute building with a number of professional test room, testing center, the pilot plant. Through the coordination of each department, R & D team gives full play to their respective advantages to promote technological innovation of the Institute of the construction work smoothly

Since its inception, the Research Institute centers on the research and development of the gas phase silica, high purity silicon tetrachloride, new silicone textile auxiliaries, high-performance silicone rubber and other new product. Up to December 2014, the research team has undertaken 13 research programs at national and provincial levels and applied for 13 patents. In the future, with the notion of "relying on scientific and technological progress, leading industrial innovation," our company will give full play to its advantages in research, technology and personnel, and actively explore and develop new applications of silicone downstream and markets to achieve the aim of setting up a recycling industrial chain of green silicon materials

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